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Welcome to the community wiki for The Province of Abra, Philippines

This project is an interconnected community effort to explore, discuss and compile anything and everything about Abra — especially the little, enjoyable things. This entire site is maintained by the people who use it: [WWW]Everyone (registered user) can edit this website!

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[WWW] - is a website/blog established in 2002 providing Abrenians news and features about the province of Abra. — Owner EricBringas


[WWW]Province of Abra Official Website

[WWW]Aemes Technologies


News From Different Media Sources:

09/12/2011 [WWW]Lagayan Abra: Big Time Corruption in a Small Town
09/11/2011 [WWW]DepEd Launches to say "Thank You" to Teachers
09/07/2011 [WWW]Abra Politician Acquitted of Gun Charges
09/03/2011 [WWW]Palace Absolves Abra Town Mayor
08/29/2011 Nurses Participates in Motivational Seminar
08/29/2011 Guard nabbed for gun ban violation in Abra
08/29/2011 Election official's car hit by gunshots
08/24/2011 Abra town warns vs illegal mining activities
08/24/2011 Guard nabbed for gun ban violation in Abra
08/23/2011 Lawmaker gives report on Korean Trip Accomplishment

Abra Hot Issues

09/16/2011 Bernadine Joson's Complete Affidavit against the Luna Clan
08/29/2001 Abra, Cordilleras neglected: online views
08/10/2011 Substandard Construction Blamed on APH Building Collapse

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Bangued Boliney Bucay Bucloc Daguioman Danglas Dolores La Paz Lacub
Lagangilang Lagayan Langiden Licuan-Baay Luba Malibcong Manabo Peñarrubia Pidigan Pilar Sallapadan San Isidro San Juan San Quintin Tayum Tineg Tubo Villaviciosa

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Where is Tineg?
Welcome to San Juan

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Abra Cascaron de Dadapilan International

P.E.A.C.E for Abra

Dap Ay Di IMaeng

United for Abra


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